Our Vector Finance TVL Contest

Our Vector Finance TVL Contest

We've partnered with BENQI and Vector Finance to giveaway over $10,000 in rewards! Here's how it works:

  1. Get qualified for the contest by staking at least 10 AVAX for sAVAX and then invest at least 5 sAVAX into the Vector Finance pools.
  2. Drive the most Combined TVL to up your ranking.
  3. All wallets get $100 per $30,000 of Combined TVL (avg. over at least 15 days).

What is "Combined TVL"

Grow your network to grow your rank. You get credit for your TVL as well as the TVL of friends you’ve invited (and the users they’ve invited)!

To make sure you get the most credit for your own contributions, 100% of the TVL you add is credited to you, 50% of the TVL of your direct invitees is credited to you, and 25% of their friends TVL is also credited to you.

Here's an example:

  • Your wallet value is $10,000
  • Three friends sign up with your invite code and have wallets worth $30,000
  • Each of these friends signs up one more friend and all of them have wallets worth $16,000

Your combined TVL is: ($10,000+($90,000 / 2)+($48,000 / 4)) = $67,000.


  • To get credit for your invitee's TVL they must use your invite code
  • Each wallet's TVL value is averaged over the competition timeframe. E.g. your wallet's value is $30,000 for 1 of 30 days and $0 for the rest, your average TVL is only $1,000.

What other rewards are available?

For every $30,000 in average TVL that you personally hold (not Combined TVL) you will receive an additional $100 bonus award.


  • Total bonus payout is capped at $5,000, so only the first 1.5M of TVL will receive this reward.